‘Who Are You?’ Comes Before ‘What Are You?’

There is an old (but not tired) saying that people want to know how much you care before they care how much you know. This is apparently not just a lofty platitude. I recently had the privilege to be involved with video production for a new book due out in October 2013 entitled, The HUMAN Brand by Chris Malone (Chief Advisory Officer, The Relational Capital Group) and Susan T. Fiske (Higgins Professor, Psychology & Public Affairs, Princeton University). From their collaborative efforts, we learn about Warmth and Competence and how our relationships with companies and brands are triggered by the same neurological activities as our relationships with people. They eloquently back up their assertions with research supporting this as being steeped in the essence of our very being.

Moreover, The July-August 2013 issue of the Harvard Business Review spotlights some interesting findings.

  • When suggesting areas of improvement for ourselves and others, we overwhelmingly have a tendency to identify the need for competence related (i.e. hard skills) for ourselves while recommending warmth related (i.e. soft skills) for others.
  • When recalling an event that served to shape our personal image, studies show we are inclined to reflect upon when we utilized a hard skill (competence related) for ourselves. When recalling a similar personal shaping event for others, we are far more likely to point to demonstrations of warmth and what are known as soft skills.

The take-away from this is, in my view, clear. We place a tremendous deal of value on the softer skills and displays of warmth in others. It follows then that a mechanism to express our warmth along with out competence could be a tremendous asset when differentiating ourselves from others.

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Thank you very much for your time.

Matt Gorman
Creator & Founder
The MeEO Profile™